Abstract: AlPSim is a Simulating model which is used for calculation of aluminum electrolysis properties (same as Electrical Conductivity, Electrolyte Viscosity, Electrolyte Density, Aluminum Density, Max Alumina Solubility in Electrolyte, Max aluminum Solubility in Electrolyte and Liquids Temperature) in order to optimize operational parameter in aluminum production systems.and the other project 3-D thermo-electrical model for an aluminium reduction cell is developed and the effect of operational parameters on the thermo-electrical characteristics of the cell is studied. And to another project Due to the need to collect daily data from pots, the design and construction of Vm (and Thermocouple) with high accuracy is proposed.The purpose of this study is to propose a Plans of Management Energy In the aluminum industry, and explore the possibility of the project is financially. In this study In this paper the construction period of a year, a 16 percent discount rate, net present value and rate of return on plan net Internal. According to the results based on costs and revenues, This plan is quite justified financially.