Abstract: Fluoride GASES IS very toxic in aluminum smelter and separation this gases from oxygen is very important. There are several mechanisms by which fluorides are lost from electrolyte and have been summarized  ( a) direct hydrolysis of electrolyte to HF by hydrogen) from alumina, anode carbon or air(b) Vaporization of electrolyte, either directly into the air sweep or into the anode gas(c) Entrainet of electrolyte drop-in the air or anode gas flows in this research separation of HF,CF4,C2F6,SIF4 With O2 Discussion is compared.Due to the capability of nanotubes in adsorbing gases, this study has been conducted to figure out the adsorption of H2S on (8,8) armchair carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Lennaed-Jones potential was used for gas-gas and gas-carbon nanotube interactions and the potential parameters for the carbon-gas and carbon-carbon interactions were obtained from the Lorenz-Berthelot combining rules. my Calculations have shown that separation between oxygen and Fluoride Gases in aluminum smelter is possible.