Almahdi Aluminum Co Almahdi Aluminum Co Almahdi Aluminum Co
Almahdi Aluminum Co.
Almahdi Aluminium Co. was established in 1990 in Bandar Abbas,(Metal Industry Special Zone ) with the aim of a total production of 330,000 MT per year.(in 3 phases) The First phase development was  planned in two parts (with each part comprising 120 cells), in order to produce 110,000 MT on the basis of domestic resources and Iranian experts as well as cooperation of foreign manufacturers.

Phase 1 was initially commissioned with 6 pots in 1997, with a gradual increase up to 120 pots by 2002, at which point the production capacity reached 55,000 MT per year. The second part of phase 1 commenced in 2003 and completed in 2005, with a further 120 pots, achieving the desired 110,000 MT capacity.
In 2006, executive operations started for Phase 2 (Hormozal), with a primary investment of EU 400 million and 2000 milliard Rls  with the target to commission an additionally 228 pots.  Phase 2 was completed
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